Business Streams

Proposed Rules

The following submissions in relation to proposed rule changes have been filed with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on the date indicated, under the self-certification procedures.

ForexClear Self Certification (04/11/2011)

SwapClear Self Certification – FCM Rulebook (16/11/2011)

Clearing House Procedures -  Disciplinary and amended Appeal Procedures – Self-certification (20/12/2011) 

Clearing House & FCM Procedures – Section 4 – Introduction of a Collateral Management system (09/02/2012)

Addition of two new World Container Index Contracts (14/02/2012)

Fee incentive scheme for Iron Ore options and Coal swaps contracts (15/02/2012)

Clearing House and FCM Procedures – Section 3 – Financial Transactions (16/02/2012)

ForexClear procedures Margin Multiplier Amendment (01/03/2012)

SwapClear Client Fees Self Certification (16/03/2012)

Overnight Index Swap and Japanese Yen Interest Rate Swap Maturity Extension (16/03/2012)

SwapClear GBP FRAs Self Certification (16/03/2012) 

Amendments to the SwapClear Service – Segregated Default Fund, Changes to DMP and Membership criteria (16/04/2012)

Amendments to LCH.Clearnet Limited's Rules and Regulations to Reflect Changes to Comply with Incoming CFTC Regulations (20/04/2012)

Rule changes to Section 1 (01/05/2012)

Amendment to rules to add procedures for the delivery of precious metals as margin collateral (02/05/2012)

ForexClear Self Certification - Introduction of ForexClear FCM Client Clearing (06/06/2012)

SwapClear Client Fees Self Certification (18/06/2012)

SwapClear Self Certification – Default Fund Rules, Clearing House Procedures and FCM Procedures (17/07/2012)

ForexClear Self Certification - New Currencies (19/07/2012)

Precious metals - correction - self certification (24/07/2012) 

SwapClear Self Certification - NZD IRS Maturity Extension (15/08/2012)   

SwapClear Self Certification - Introduction of FRAs into the FCM Model (15/08/2012)

SwapClear Self Certification: Fees Clarification, General Regulations and Clearing House Procedures (16/08/2012) 

Amendment to procedures for accounts and payments (17/08/2012)

EnClear & Nodal Self Certification – Default Fund Rules, Clearing House Procedures, FCM Procedures (26/09/2012)

SwapClear Self Certification – FCM/SCM harmonisation (04/10/2012) 

SwapClear Self Certification - LSOC and Bunched Order Allocation (18/10/2012)

EnClear & ForexClear LSOC and Nodal FCM model self-certification (19/10/2012)    
ForexClear and EnClear Service - LSOC Language Revision (05/11/2012)

SwapClear Service - LSOC Language Revision (05/11/2012)

SwapClear, ForexClear, and EnClear Services – Allocation of Gains or Losses (13/11/2012)

EnClear freight route contracts & Fertilizer self-certification (23/11/2012)

Default Fund Rules - Amendments (26/11/2012)

EnClear - Mandatory Clearing Determination. New Freight and Fertiliser contracts (03/12/2012)  

Changes to the SwapClear Margin Methodology (23/01/2013)

ForexClear - Real Time Registration (14/02/2013)

SwapClear Self-Certification - Clearing Member Tariff (Fee) Changes (13/03/2013)

SwapClear Strategic Initial Margin model changes (15/04/2013)

SwapClear - Real Time Trade Registration (RTTR) (15/04/2013)

SwapClear - Volume Discount Plan (19/04/2013)

SwapClear - Clarifying Language Regarding Ejection of Trades (26/04/2013)

ForexClear and EnClear - Clarifying Language Regarding Ejection of Trades (29/04/2013)

ForexClear CFTC SC Submission - Amendment to Market Data provisions of the Rules (30/04/2013)

ForexClear CTFC SC Submission - Additional Matcher (01/05/2013)

BAU Portability Change and Circular (10/06/2013)

Corrections to Voting Provisions in Default Fund Rules (13/06/2013)

ForexClear IM Model Change (12/07/2013)

ForexClear Client Clearing Fees (15/07/2013) 

ForexClear Changes to MYR & IDR Fixing Rates (19/07/2013)

SwapClear - Requirements for Participation in Business Continuity Planning Coordination and Testing Programs (29/07/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Limited Self-Certification of Governing Documents (01/08/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Limited Rulebook Changes for Nodal FCM Model (12/09/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Limited - LSOC with Excess & other rule amendments (17/09/2013)

SwapClear Change in SGD-SOR Index Rate (SGD-SOR-VWAP) (20/09/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Limited Removal of Provisions from LSOC with Excess Submission (25/09/2013) 

CFTC Self-Certification - ForexClear Revised Fees (26/09/2013)

CFTC Self-Certification - Bilateral Termination Process (26/09/2013)

CFTC Self-Certification - General Default Fund Re-strike (15/10/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Change to Index Rates EURIBOR, CIBOR and NIBOR (15/10/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Self-Certification of TrueEx as an Approved Trade Source System (24/10/2013)

CFTC Self-Certification - Acceptance of Contracts with Start and End of Contract Stub Periods (31/10/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd - Extension of SwapClear Tolerance (04/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self Certification - Registration of Non-Block Trades (06/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self Certification - Return of Unallocated Excess (08/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self Certification - Multilateral Compression Services re-introduced in SwapClear (11/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self-Certification - SwapClear - backload discount for client clearing activity (20/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self Certification - Backloading Changes (21/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self Certification - SEF-DCM Workflow (21/11/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd self-certification - Nodal Default Rule amendments (09/12/2013)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self-Certification - Rule changes in relation to margin-taking, payment netting and close-out netting (13/12/2013)

ForexClear Client Clearing Incentive Program Self-certifcation (21/01/2014)

FXC IM Model Parameter Changes (30/01/2014)

LCH.Clearnet Ltd Self-Certification - Direct Provision of Allocation (31/01/2014)

Self-certification of FRAs with Upfront Fees (04/02/2014)

LCH.Clearnet Limited CFTC Self-Certification – EnClear Rulebook changes to enable multiple Client accounts (04/02/2014)

SwapClear fee schedule for compression services (11/02/2014)

LCH.Clearnet LTD Self Certification - new ATSSs (12/02/2014) 

LCH Clearnet Limited Self Certifictaion - Nodal LCRM model (18/02/2014)

Self-Certification of Haircut Changes to the Securities Acceptable for Margin Cover Purposes (25/02/2014) 

Self-Certification of changes to Rulebook Procedures Section 4 and FCM Procedures (28/02/2014)

LCH.Clearnet Limited Self-certification - discount plan (04/03/2014)

Rulebook changes for the ForexClear Service Discontinuation of Settlement Rate Option events and the IDR fixing rate (06/03/2014)

Self-Certification to Remove Declear Functionality (07/03/2014)

LCH.Clearnet Limited self-certification - Rulebook changes in relation to collateral management processes (25/03/2014)

ForexClear - Changes to Reference Data Sections of the Rulebook and Procedures (02/04/2014)

Enclear - LCRM Add-on (04/04/2014)

LCH.Clearnet Limited Self-Certification of SwapClear and ForexClear Agreements (04/04/2014)