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RepoClear is a market leading service clearing cash bond and repo trades across a number of European markets. 

Established in partnership with leading banks in 1999 in, it was the first multi market centralised clearing and netting facility for some 13 European government repo and cash bond markets, and a range of pan-European €GC Baskets.  Today, monthly volumes average c. €13 trillion, and RepoClear clears cash bond and repo trades in the following markets: Austrian, Belgian, Dutch, German, Irish, Finnish, Portugese, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish and UK government bonds.  Additional markets served include: German Jumbo Pfandbriefe and Supranationals, Agency and Sovereign. RepoClear accepts the following types of repo trades: classic fixed rate repos with 1st leg settlement on a same day or forward start basis with a term not greater than one year.

LCH.Clearnet Ltd supports two General Collateral products in Sterling GC and €GC, both are based on the clearing, netting and settlement of cash-led repo trades in standardised ranges of liquid bond baskets.  The baskets are determined either by bond type or credit rating of issuer and as with other RepoClear markets is tradable anonymously on electronic trading platforms or bilaterally via voice brokers or inter-office.  This enables users to benefit from the efficiencies of a standard process for addressing funding needs, the ability to move collateral quickly easily and with minimal manual intervention and from the cost benefits of maximised settlement netting opportunities.

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23/01/2014 - RepoClear Margin Rate Circular


Nick Maggs - Fixed Income Market Liaison

Tel: + 44 (0)20 7426 7442

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