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How It Works

Transaction Processing


Transactions are negotiated between the LCH.Clearnet SA members through recognised trading platforms or trade confirmation systems.

Trades are sent to LCH.Clearnet SA for clearing.

Trade providers send the transaction details to LCH.Clearnet SA on a live-flow basis.

Transactions are deemed to be registered as soon as the terms of trades (product, counterparties) have been checked by LCH.Clearnet SA. At this moment, novation occurs and the trade is guaranteed by LCH.Clearnet SA.

Confirmation of Novation

A confirmation of novation is sent to the clearing members on a live-flow basis via the LCH.Clearnet SA web-site. In case of rejection, a specific message is provided.  

Same Day REPO (SDR)

As soon as a SRD (French debt exclusively) is registered, LCH.Clearnet SA sends an instruction concerning the start leg (value current day) in order to settle it in Euroclear France on a gross basis.

Margin call and deposit payment

To guarantee the net positions of members and be able to manage its default risk, LCH.Clearnet SA requires its members to deposit initial margin and through marking-to-market daily variation margin. These variation initial margin amounts constitute the overall margin deposited by participants with LCH.Clearnet SA. This overall margin is calculated daily for cash and repos. It can be deposited in the form of cash (EUR) or securities (OATs, French Treasuries -Bons du Trsor-  BUNDs, BTP etc...).

Settlement on a net basis

At the end of the day (on D), LCH.Clearnet SA calculates the net balances of securities and cash for each LCH.Clearnet SA member, for settlement on D+1. LCH.Clearnet SA then gives the necessary net instructions for delivery versus payment (DVP) in the specified CSD. The net balance takes into account all the trades of a member regardless of the trading system used.

Web Reporting

The web reporting provides to the clearing members a real-time access to their LCH.Clearnet SA Reports. Thus, the clearing members have the ability to control the correct registration of their trades into LCH.Clearnet SA on a real-time and remote basis via the web.

In addition, a complete report of activity (position, marging, delivery, fails) is available for each member at 8:00 AM (deadline).

Margin Information

Margin Parameters

Data Downloads

Data Downloads

What's New

08 April - Jill Considine Appointed to the LCH.Clearnet Group Board of Directors
Fixed income market participants can access liquidity through a wider range of Eurosystem eligible collateral

24 March - LCH.Clearnet launches new clearing service for Oslo Brs
Oslo Brs, the Nordic exchange, and LCH.Clearnet Ltd (LCH.Clearnet), the global clearing house, today announced that LCH.Clearnet is now clearing listed securities on Oslo Brs and Oslo Axess.

12 March - LCH.Clearnet Introduces GCPlus Central Clearing Service for the Tri-Party Repo Market in Collaboration with Euroclear and the Banque de France
Fixed income market participants can access liquidity through a wider range of Eurosystem eligible collateral

28 May - GCPlus

28 May - GCPlus Documents