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BATS Chi-X Europe Trading Platform

From 22 January 2010, LCH.Clearnet Ltd has offered clearing services to BATS Chi-X Europe, for clearing of Irish securities. In July 2011 the service was extended to include all interoperable securities.

BATS Chi-X Europe will allow its trading firms and their clearing members to choose their CCP. Where a preference has been nominated by both parties, the trades will be routed to their preferred CCP.   

BATS Chi-X Europe, a European multilateral trading facility (MTF), is owned by BATS Global Markets, the third largest securities exchange in the world by notional value traded. BATS Chi-X Europe supports trading in the most liquid securities across Europe.

LCH.Clearnet offers clearing services to participants of BATS Chi-X Europe through its EquityClear service, whereby Clearing Members will benefit from margin offsets and collateral efficiencies from centralised clearing. Also members will benefit from reduced clearing costs with increased volumes through the global incremental tariff.

For further information relating to products and services BATS Chi-X Europe offer please access their website.

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Section 2D - EquityClear


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